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Other Income Opportunites

Commercial Energy beyond UW

I got fed up of obtaining quotes for a Commercial Business from UW and just not getting the prospective company a better rate.

Or if I was able to get a better rate lead to a couple of frustrating scenarios...

Scenario 1:
  1. Obtain the Renewal Letter with the rates from the current provider for the Prospective Client.
  2. Run a quote with UW and it was 50/50 if UW could quote better.
  3. Result, a cheaper rate UW could quote better and then it would be a case of notifying the Current Provider to cancel the contract.
  4. Then the existing supplier would then come back and offer an even better rate and the Prospective client should obviously stay.
  5. I would Lick my wounds, accept it as a learning curve and smile to the Prospective Client and say "Hey, at least you for a better deal"

Scenario 2:
  1. Same as above except I'd get the Prospective Client a better rate and a gain them as a Client.
  2. The Client is then exposed to numerous "Sales Calls", this is because they are not tied into a Contract (which is good for them but all Businesses accept they are tied into contracts) and therefore appear on the national call list which all Telesales use. The Telephone Preference Service (TPS) does not apply to Bsuinesses.
  3. This then frustrates the Client and they either weather the storm and stick with me, or move to a better rate due to the excellent work ot the Telesales rep.
  4. Not an ideal scenario

For faaaaar too many years I passed up on a lot of businesses (income opportunities) not knowing there was a solution...
An Introduction to Power Solutions
How you could get paid too...
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