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Free CRM - Refer, Refer, Refer

Would you like to help your Team Members (and UW Friends) and help yourself?

Spread the awareness and education of this great tool and how it helps you!

Don't just simply tell them what the Less Annoying CRM does, explain 'why' it helps you in your Personal Life, UW Business life and/or other Businesses?

  • Does it free your mind of clutter and how does that help you?
  • Does it help you to be more proactive and how does that help you?
  • Does it free up 1 hour per month of your time being more organised and how does that help you? How much is YOUR time worth?
  • I have heard somewhere that referrals are a good thing??

What's in it for them?
They get 60 Days Free Trial

What's in it for you?
Well, apart from a more organised, efficient and proactive Team Member, you also get a free month credited to your Less Annoying CRM account!!

Ok great, how????

Hold your horses, I am sure you want to be a great leader for them right???

Get them off to a great start, WHEN the time is right that they need an organisational tool like this in life.

ESSENTIAL steps to help them PROPERLY!
All that I ask is that you do the 3 steps below...
  1. The new users get connected with the CRM Training & Support Facebook Group here.
  2. The new users get on a CRM Level 1 Workshop during their 60 days free trial to learn how to use it, the dates and links are on the home page here.
  3. The new user needs to request the Unique Utilities Template (details below to send to the new user)

Send an email to:

Subject Line = Please apply the "Unique Utilities Template" to my LACRM

With the following body of text:

Please apply the "Unique Utilities Template" to my LACRM Account registered with my email address which is:


Many thanks.

Ok, I promise to help my Team Members

Your Referral link is always accessible by clicking the "Refer" button (or look for the 'Gift' looking icon) in YOUR Less Annoying CRM.

Simply copy the link and send it to the person who is interested in taking a look.

Click the picture to take you straight to YOUR referral link...

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