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Book a 1-to-1


Why book a 1 to 1?

Contact Synchronisation between your Less Annoying CRM and Mobile Phone.

We don't need to enter everyone's details twice!!

Calendar Synchronisation between your Less Annoying CRM and Mobile Phone.

We don't need to enter appointments twice!!

Double check that you are getting the most from the Less Annyomg CRM with your current skill set.

We all learn different things at a different pace!!

The following calendar has all of my entries already in it, so please book a date and time which suits you and be sure to read the list below of what to have prepared ready!

Ignore the 'suggestion' from Calendly to sign up/register for a trial. You don't need it to run your UW business, you NEED those moments of interaction with your Prospects & Clients to build rapport which builds the Know, Like & Trust part of your comnnection with them!!

Booked a 1 to 1?

Some important things to have done and to hand please which will help us, speed things up and make the session as effective as possible.

1 - Email Access!

Ensure you have online access to ALL of your email accounts, because the email accounts host the Contacts & Calendars which may be appearing on your devices) such as iCloud, Gmail, Yahoo, BT, Hotmail etc. These are essential!

2 - Let me in!

It is essential to Download & Install TeamViewer on any devices which have your Contacts and Calendars on them and your main PC, Laptop, Mac or iMac to allow me to orginise your Contacts and Calendar.

It is called TeamViewer "Quick Support" on Tablets and Mobile Phones. These can and should be installed in advance of our 1 to 1 in order to maximise the time we have with moving you forwards.

Click here for Windows based PC, Laptop                            Click here for iMac & Macbook devices

Teamviewer - this is a perfectly legal piece of software to allow me to login to take a look at your screen and support you. Nobody can gain access to your system unless you give the ID Number & Password (which will appear on your system when the software is installed) to someone. The password does cycle and change frequently thus making it very safe software to use.

3 - Let's chat... easier!!

Ideally a headset for your mobile phone for us to talk because you will be adjusting the settings on your Mobile phone.

4 - Short Pencil or Long Memory?

Notepad & Pen to make notes and likely top tips to get Mining the Gold you hold.
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